Facilitation & Coaching


Most of us have experienced a "dreaded team building or off-site day" at one point or another, or have sat in countless meetings with no purpose or outcomes. Or even worse, meetings dominated by one or two individuals vying for power. I believe that good, impartial and skilled facilitation can help turn these events/meetings into enjoyable, outcome focused experiences for all present. That way all participants will feel included and have their voices heard.

As a facilitator and coach I offer impartial team, group, individual centric interventions that drive behaviour change. I do that by working across 3 levels:

  • Content – content, subject matter, knowledge
  • Procedure - agenda, timings, objectives, moving the group/individual along
  • Process - human and group dynamics, beliefs and values

I will partner with you to plan/design and facilitate the day, meeting or event.

360 Feedback/Psychometric Facilitation/Coaching

Having an independent facilitator/coach help guide your through a 360 report or psychometric assessment can help you from getting stuck on the detail, seeing the bigger picture and set practical and actionable goals.

360 Feedback/Psychometric debrief and coaching sessions usually range from 3-6 sessions to ensure there’s sufficient time to:

  • Talk through the process and understand the context
  • Explore, understand and process the feedback/report
  • Identify themes and actions
  • Process reviews and outcomes against goals/actions

I can work with your existing 360/Psychometric providers or recommend alternatives.

One-to-One and Team Coaching

For specific One-to-One or Team Coaching inquiries please contact me to discuss. I partner with trained, qualified and experienced associate coaches across a range of industries and areas of expertise, so will be able to provide alternatives for you to choose from.

After our initial call to understand the objectives and expectations, I will put forward a selection of coaches for your to review and organise a chemistry call before we start the process.

Typical work includes:

  • Team building days
  • Off-sites
  • Exec days
  • Team sessions/meeting/event facilitation
  • Programme/training facilitation
  • 360 Feedback facilitation/coaching
  • Psychometric debriefs and facilitation/coaching
  • Support with designing agendas
  • Coaching and mentoring facilitators

Examples of recent Facilitation/360 work:

  • Middle-East all team off-site facilitation
  • UK Project team - Project kick off-session
  • UK HR Team - Team building day
  • Exec Team Days/Off-sites – various across EMEA
  • Various 360 Feedback/Psychometric facilitation sessions across EMEA