How I work - my guiding principles

The following principles guide my practice and influence the way I work. They are drawn from my passion for development, lived experiences and my personal values of collaboration, inclusion, creativity, fairness, care and common sense.

1. Collaboration - doing good stuff, together!

Working collaboratively for me is really important as it encourages creativity, fresh thinking, healthy challenge and more importantly mutual learning.

In my experience, the most successful projects have been those where the client was part of the whole process. This collaborative approach ensures that solutions relate to the client’s day to day reality, focus on desired outcomes, embed new behaviours and support sustainable change after the consultant leaves.

2. All my work is bespoke/customised

I bring a “Systems Thinking” and Organisational Development mindset to my practice. It allows me to get broader perspectives, better understand the complexity of organisations and my client's realities. As such, all my work is bespoke/customised to address each unique situation. I will customise - as much or as little as required – for best fit.

3. Sustainability and on-going development

Building on points 1 and 2 above, I prefer to work with my clients to develop sustainable development programmes over a period of time - to allow for practice, reflection, generate new insights and embed new behaviours. I am also mindful for the need for one-off interventions and happy to partner on those.

4. Work that is experiential but grounded in theory, research and experience

I draw on a range of learning and organisational development theories, tools, frameworks and techniques when designing and facilitating. My work is grounded on sound organisational development and learning theory/research combined with my past experience of various industries, cultures and varied body of work.

"All models are wrong, but some are useful" (George Box, 1976)

That said, I am model/tool agnostic and will use whichever tools, models, frameworks, approaches are required to help the client. I will work to build upon or integrate existing tools, frameworks, processes and systems you already use. Hence all my work is bespoke/customised and that is why that initial conversation is crucial.

5. Inclusion, Curiosity and Compassion

As a facilitator I believe that creating the right learning environment (in person or online) is key so that people can be themselves, challenge assumptions, each other, reflect and generate new insights in a safe and constructive way. It is also important that everyone has a voice and an opportunity to share their views – I work to ensure everyone feels included.

I will ask questions, challenge assumptions, reflect back what I’m hearing, seeing and noticing. I'm mindful that at times this will be uncomfortable for some people - that is why I also work with care and compassion. Ultimately my aim is to help people move into new spaces/ways of being - together!

6. Fun and Laughter

I like to play and have fun!

I believe that learning should be an enjoyable experience.

No matter how challenging the situation is, a bit of play, fun and laughter helps to bring people together!

Happy People = Happy Organisations!