It all starts with a conversation

It all starts with a conversation - preferably face to face (in person or virtually)!

Why? For three reasons...

First - to make a connection, check for chemistry and fit, and build a relationship. Also, to understand what is expected of me (expert role, pair of hands or collaborative role). In my experienced I find that a collaborative role/approach works best but that requires trust and a good relationship - hence it all starts with a conversation!

Second - all my works is bespoke, and in order for me to design the best solutions it is important that I have a good understanding of the expectations and a complete picture of the organisation, operating context, people, processes, culture, etc ... I ask a lot of questions!

Third - it gives both parties the opportunity to have an open conversation on whether or not I would be a good fit for the organisation and vice versa. Also, whether or not I can do the work itself (knowledge, experience, capability and capacity). If not, then let’s explore who in my network could help - I partner with a selected group of associate consultants and coaches all whom are experienced and qualified in the the field of Learning & OD.